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Russia to turn US into Ash??


Dmitry Kiselyov
Dmitry Kiselyov. (YouTube)

"Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly current affairs show.
Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast.
Kiselyov was named by President Vladimir Putin in December as the head of a new state news agency whose task will be to portray Russia in the best possible light.
His remarks took a propaganda war over events in Ukraine to a new level as tensions rise in the East-West standoff over Crimea, a southern Ukrainian region which is now in Russian forces' hands and voted on Sunday on union with Russia.
Russian television showed images of ethnic Russians in Crimea dancing, singing and celebrating the referendum but followed them with accusations that Kiev's new authorities and the West have allowed ultra-nationalists to attack Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine.
Kiev and the West blame the violence in eastern Ukraine on pro-Russian groups and say the Crimea referendum is illegitimate. The United States has warned of imminent sanctions against Moscow.
Kiselyov is an outspoken defender of Putin and once caused outrage by saying the organs of homosexuals should not be used in transplants.
His show portrayed the Ukrainian authorities as unable to maintain law and order. Putin made a similar charge in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday.
Such remarks have caused concern in Kiev that Moscow might send troops to eastern Ukraine, acting on a vote in Russian parliament allowing him to use the armed forces if compatriots are deemed in need of protection in Ukraine.
As the crisis escalated, the news in Russia has taken on shades of Soviet-era propaganda, with reporters peppering reports with references to what they say was the cooperation of some Ukrainians with the Nazis in World War Two.
There is also now growing menace in some of the reports, as well as echoes of the Cold War.
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gifted Crimea to Ukraine in 1954, when Ukraine and Russia were both parts of the Soviet Union.
Many people in Crimea hope union with Russia will bring better living conditions and make them citizens of a country capable of asserting itself on the world stage.
Others see the referendum as a land grab by the Kremlin as Ukraine's new rulers try to move the country towards the European Union and away from Russia's sway.

Huang and Gibson in Belize

original article

Recently in the small Central American Country of Belize, one of the local elections has been getting some international attention. So we at the Belize News Network, BNN, have decided to take a look at this and see what is going on in the Jewel of the Caribbean.
Recently the United Democratic Party, currently the party in power in Belize and one of the 2 major parties, has held their convention to elect Standard Bearers for their party and to plan for the upcoming federal election in less than 4 years.
One of the constituencies is Cayo South which begins at Esperanza and runs east to St Matthews and north to Valley of Peace and south to Armenia. One of the largest constituencies in Belize.
3 candidates were running to see who would be the representative for the UDP in Cayo South. Among these candidates was Ralph Huang, a longtime resident of Georgeville which is in Cayo South. Reported as one of the largest turnouts ever for the convention, Huang proved victorious getting over 60 percent of the votes.
This seems to have stirred up some issues with some of the people in Belize. Accusations on social media have run amuck. One of the main issues that keeps popping up is Huangs association with a Lord Neil Gibson.
Huang admits to campaign contributions from Gibson in an interview with one of the Belizean media outlets.  Somehow this transparency is being taken as a bad thing in Belize. While it is not required by law for politicians to disclose campaign contribution, Huang has taken the high road and chose to keep everything out in the open with his constituents.
After careful scrutiny, BNN has determined that the majority of these accusations being made against Huang and Gibson are coming from PUP supporters and media. Channel 5 News is owned and loyal to the PUP, Peoples United Party, and most of the political news that comes from that station is one sided and skewed in favor of the PUP.
Another propaganda machine for the PUP is the so called BELIZE TIMES @ This so called media outlet masquerades as a genuine online newspaper but is obviously a propaganda machine. Propaganda was heavily used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during the Second World War and proved very effective in brain washing an entire country.
It has surface that one of the reasons for the unprecedented attack on Huang is that the PUP now feels threatened in that constituency. Huang has been touted as the one that can unseat the elected PUP rep, Julias Espat and that he is the one behind these attacks and is trying to discredit Huang before he has a chance to run in the federal election.
Some of the comments made on the articles by the so called media in Belize also give us a clue to the motivation behind these unfounded accusation.
The following was posted on the Love FM radio News Site regarding and article on Huang and Gibson which shows a level of misunderstanding and even go as far as being racist. Comments and opinion like this should be disregarded and do more harm to the beautiful people of Belize than they do good.

March 15, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Rass Farri, please do not be so naive for your sake, your children’s sake and your descendants sake. I agree with Kaila on so many levels. Yes, we need to redeem ourselves and fast. First off, “Lord” should not be on this man’s name, this was an addition made by him. The moment you open up your country to foreigners (Gibson and Huang) you are playing with disaster.
Belizeans are seeking someone to come in and do what Huang did. He was smart and started even before the campaign, showing Belizeans what he thought they wanted to see and hear.
Belizeans are dealing with two educated professional scammers and they need to step up and speak on it now before it is too late.
Before it is too late, well what do I mean about that? Belizeans are currently #1 citizens, meaning we come first. It is a mixed group of beautiful people, however, we all know that races such as Asian and Turkish individuals are there in Belize for a reason and that reason is not for politics. Let’s be honest, will he be of best interest to us when making decisions for Cayo? Not only is he associated with Gibson but he is associated UDP (Barrow). Think ahead, what would Gibson want with Belize? Investment for what?
The day GIBSON, his fake wife and Huang believe that they will “take over Belize” will be the day, they realize that Belize people are UNITED and will use any means necessary to prevent that.
Rass Farri, stay united with your fellow Belizeans. This is what Belizeans do. If our Government won’t protect us, then we need to play our part and listen to each other. We can’t be separated based on a few gifts we get from foreigners such as Gibson and Huang (Immigration scam..Look into it Rass Farri).
Nothing against you Rass Farri, but if Belizeans are noticing after the fact they made a mistake, listen and jump on board and protect OUR COUNTRY. NEVER go against your own to defend foreigners. Don’t be that naïve and do your research for yourself.
Gibson helped Huang and now he is claiming Belize on some fake looking, gut-wrenching videos, the fake website they are putting online to scam people pretending to be Belize Channel five news. That will give us a bad name to foreigners. Would you like to end up being hated by multiple countries…I tell you now, we don’t want war that this EVIL man is trying to bring on us, and we already have our own problems. Don’t you think Huang have a debt to Gibson now? His loyalty is to Gibson not us BELIZEANS
Additionally, did your know that they offered and paid each resident for their votes Rass F? Rass F I hope you weren’t apart of this because that was short term benefits, what about the long term..? He is building roads? Building roads for what? To go where? To transport what? They are laughing at us for being so naïve and we are just bending over mentally to get F*cked enah wi asshole. Be careful, slavery all over again for our descendants. This is how all foreigners approach a foreign land. They come with kindness, Ross F are you aware of our history of slavery, not just Belizeans but all people of color around the world.
Kaila, I will continue to protest about this online as much as I can, we need to inform Belizeans everywhere of what is going on. I hope you do the same. We will not sit and watch this happen. Rass F I hope you do your research, listen and stay united with your people. Do not get upset with me for what I am writing but Do your research and prove me wrong if you have slaved yourself to Huang and Gibson.

Our opinion at the BNN is that Huang was chosen by the people of Cayo South after a long hard campaign. The people have spoken and all the attention that Huang is getting only indicates to everyone that he is a threat to the PUP. Until there is hard evidence on any of the speculation and conjecture, Huang is simply the new Standard Bearer for the UDP of Cayo South. Now let’s see what he can do for his constituency.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Belize Politics Go International

Original Article
Rarely does political drama play out on an international stage, and it is usually relegated to
small, local elections that only the residents of some small town or city would be interested in.
Recently Las Vegas and one of it's residents has been thrust into the international spotlight
through the internet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. Lord Neil
B Gibson, the Las Vegas based businessman, developer and international finance figure has
rocketed into the fiery discussions that are taking place in the country of Belize, specifically
regarding an election for the position of Standard Bearer in the Cayo South Constituency Area.
Social media, news outlets and radio have been awash with discussion regarding the election of
businessman Ralph Huang to this position, and conspiracy theories abound as to the
connection he has to Lord Neil B Gibson. Accusations of corruption have already been made
only days after the election from the opposing party, and a large-scale smear campaign has
begun to play out on the global stage with regards to Mr. Huang, Mr. Gibson and the future of
Belizian governmental positions.
Interesting spins on the situation are being presented through such media outlets as Channel 5
Belize, 7 News Belize and the associated Youtube Channels of each station. Many local blogs
have also taken to the internet in an attempt to drum up the suspects of corruption with regards
to the relationships that Lord Neil B Gibson has with both Huang and other Belizian
governmental officials. The majority of the coverage centers around the fact that Mr. Huang has
admitted that Gibson both contributed to his campaign and also supported his election. The
coverage being presented is amaturish at best in it's attempts to stir up controversy, as the
press releases, posts and announcements that can be found both on the official business
websites of Neil Gibson as well as his business websites and social media have never
attempted to make even the slightest hiding of his contributions and support. Gibson went as far
as to create professional videos distributed on Youtube endorsing Huang and touching on the
reasons he believes Huang was right for the job. Gibson has also shown a long track record of
complete transparency with regard to his interest in Belizian development projects, going as far
as to publicly promote the ongoing developments attached to each potential project in Belize on
his network or websites and press.
The levels of transparency with regard to Lord Neil B Gibson's interests in Belize are far beyond
those typically put forth by any business entity. A quick perusal of the news sections of his
websites show postings regarding Belizian development interests, with postings on the subject
going back to October of 2013. Additionally, completely transparent postings on the subject of
endorsements and campaign contributions go back to early January as seen here: http://
All of the websites and Youtube videos across Gibson's network openly discuss the subject of
his endorsement of Huang, and never is their relationship attempted to be covered up in any
regard. So the question of corruption should be addressed, except possibly it should be directed
at other entities aside from Lord Neil Gibson and Ralph Huang. Possibly we should be looking
into why media outlets and bloggers in Belize are so aggressively attempting to make the
relationship between two businessmen into an issue, when the entire situation played out on the
world stage through the internet in a completely documented manner. If there were any issue
that should be covered up involving Lord Neil Gibson and Belizian governmental officials, then
why would they be posing for pictures together that are widely distributed on the internet? If
there were cover-ups happening, then why is the credited sources of all of the photographs that
are being distributed in association to the "scandal" stories of Gibson posing with Belizian
politicians being taken directly from Gibson's websites? If there was a cover-up happening,
wouldn't the transparency of the relationships actually be covered up by the parties involved?
Corruption happens in government all the time, and Belize is no stranger to it. Corruption is bad
for all people who are touched by it, and should be exposed at all costs. However, the definition
of corruption is not about a business man contributing to another business man's campaign to
run for office, and the fact that one business man lives in Las Vegas and the other in Belize is
also not part of the definition. Corruption is about a lack of transparency as to the source of
money or influence with regards to projects. Perhaps we should consider the sources of the
smear campaign against Gibson, and how they are attempting to twist facts to create doubts at
to his motivations. Perhaps it is not Gibson and Huang who should be mentioned with regard to
transparency as far as political funding sources....perhaps they should be used as a model for
the necessary change.