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Bundesbank cuts Germany’s growth outlook

Following the central bank’s monthly report, the Bundesbank has downgraded growth forecasts in Germany for both this and next year. However, the institution suggests a recovery for the euro area may well be on the horizon, having recorded a rise in business confidence in May.

Bundesbank cut its December projections for 2013 from 0.4 to 0.3, and stated that growth would amount to 1.5 percent in 2014, a 0.4 percent drop on the previous estimation. The revised figures were “due mainly to downward revisions with regard to the external environment,” said the bank.

The downgrade follows the IMF’s decision to cut it’s 2013 growth forecast in half to 0.3 percent.

“Much will depend on whether the economic situation stabilises in the euro-area crisis countries and whether expansionary forces will gradually gain the upper hand there,” said the central bank’s President, Jens Weidmann. “A sustained upturn in the world economy is just as important as a precondition for the growth path we have assumed.”

Europe’s largest economy narrowly escaped recession through the first quarter, posting 0.1 percent growth, the likes of which was in large part due to private consumption having offset disappointing exports.

The bank wrote in a related statement: “In the euro area the economy appears to be bottoming out. Nevertheless, the Bundesbank sees continuing structural problems as standing in the way of a rapid improvement. This is likely to place a major strain on the German economy, which is integrated into the international division of labour.

“Consolidation and reform efforts appear to be slackening. This could have a negative effect on the financial markets and further intensify the debt crises. Confidence would then be further eroded, which would also have negative consequences for the cyclical outlook for the German economy.”

The bank anticipates the euro area to offer “no meaningful stimuli” to the German economy until 2014 at the earliest. However, despite the euro-area crisis, Bundesbank expect Germany to later this year demonstrate a modest recovery, in large part due to a robust labour market, significant wage increases and slowing inflation.

The bank’s inflation figures were revised upwards this year to 1.6 percent from 1.5 percent, though reduced to 1.5 percent from 1.6 percent for 2014.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ukraine Slides Deeper Toward War as Russia Warns on Vote

May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discusses the conflict in Ukraine with Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote at the Foreign Ministry building in central Moscow.(Source: Bloomberg)

Russia’s foreign minister said Ukraine is sliding into a civil war that will make it impossible to hold legitimate elections, as Ukrainian leaders and their international allies blamed Russia for the violence.
“When Ukrainians kill Ukrainians, I believe it’s as close to civil war as you can get,”Sergei Lavrov told Bloomberg Television in an interview in Moscow yesterday. “In the east and south of Ukraine, there is a war, a real war, with heavy weaponry used, and if this is something that is conducive to free and fair elections, then I don’t understand something about freedom.”
The Kiev government and its allies in the U.S. and the European Union say Russia is behind the unrest in Ukraine’s easternmost regions. The pro-Russian separatist groups there were excluded from the national unity talks that started in the capital yesterday, aimed at easing tensions before the May 25 presidential vote.
More on the Crisis in Ukraine:
Rebels killed at least six paratroopers near the city of Kramatorsk on May 13, the deadliest attack on Ukrainian forces since the secession campaign began after Russia annexed Crimea in March.
“Quite a number” of the rebel fighters have also been killed, Lavrov said, as the Kiev government sent troops into the eastern regions to reassert control. Separatists in Luhansk and Donetsk, where unofficial ballots on breaking away from Kiev were held last weekend, have agreed to join forces to confront the central government.

Photographer: John Moore/Getty Images
A billboard advertisement for Ukrainian presidential candidate Mikhail Dobkin is... Read More

‘Calm Down’

At the roundtable talks in Kiev, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said ending the crisis requires an international conference in Geneva, which Ukraine, Russia, the EU and U.S. should attend. He said the election of a president on May 25 will help stabilize the situation.
Some of Ukraine’s richest men have weighed in with suggestions. At the unity talks, Vadym Novinsky, a lawmaker and owner of LLC Smart Holding, said all of Ukraine’s parties and presidential candidates should commit to the country’s neutrality, “to calm down our eastern neighbor.”
On his website, billionaire Rinat Akhmetov said constitutional change to decentralize Ukraine is the “only proper way” out of the crisis, as alternatives such as secession for the eastern regions will lead to sanctions and economic damage.

Not ‘Fascist’

Another billionaire, Petro Poroshenko, is the frontrunner for Ukraine’s presidential vote. Lavrov said Poroshenko isn’t a “fascist,” a term Russia applies for some forces in Ukraine’s interim government. He said the emergence of a Ukrainian leader with broad support may help diplomacy because “it’s easier to have such an interlocutor than self-appointed people.”
Lavrov also said that Russia has no intention of sending troops into eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin last week promised to move soldiers back from the border.
Even though Ukraine and the U.S. say he hasn’t fulfilled the pledge, it has prompted a rally on Russian financial markets, which extended gains yesterday. The benchmark Micex (INDEXCF)Index of stocks rose for a sixth day, adding 0.3 percent, and the ruble gained 0.6 percent against the dollar. Ukraine’s hryvnia fell 0.8 percent, taking its loss this year to 31 percent.
Ukraine’s government sold $1 billion of U.S.-backed bonds yesterday to shore up its finances. It’s also seeking international arbitration in a natural gas dispute with Russia, asking a Stockholm court to help ensure Russia doesn’t cut off supplies as a payment deadline looms next month, Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak said yesterday.

‘Convenient Position’

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said Ukraine’s economy may shrink 7 percent this year. The impact of the conflict, including sanctions imposed by the U.S. and EU, may push Russia into recession and cause growth across the region to “grind to a halt,” it said yesterday.
The U.S. and EU are backing Ukraine’s election plan. Preparations for the vote are “on track” and Russia “ought to support that process instead of taking steps to undermine it,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said yesterday. He described Lavrov’s warnings about the risk of civil war as “a convenient position to take when you’ve actively exacerbated and stoked tensions and instability.”
U.S. and EU leaders say the sanctions they have already imposed on Russia will be tightened if the May 25 election is disrupted. Lavrov said it’s “ridiculous” to hold Russia accountable for the vote.
To contact the reporters on this story: Daryna Krasnolutska in Kiev; Daria Marchak in Kiev at; Ryan Chilcote in London at
To contact the editors responsible for this story: Balazs Penz at Ben Holland, Paul Abelsky

Monday, 7 April 2014

LNBG LLC AND O&G Joint Venture

O&G Production Management, Inc.
                                                                   LNBG LLC
                                               Joint Venture & Executive Summary

LNBG LLC & O&G Production Management, have created a solid financial base to operate a mineral based business relationship. The model and an affiliated foundation will have a worldwide impact. The business model is based on acquisition and expansion of oil and other mineral based prospects with existing production. Multiple prospects with excellent returns have been selected. The acquisition sequence has been prioritized in accordance with the expected ROI for each site. The due diligence has already been completed for the first two prospects, and the acquisition cost has been pre-negotiated. In addition, the engineers outlined a desired improvement and expansion plan to ensure maximum profitability and return on investment. The total cost of acquisition and expansion for the first two prospects is $147 Million. The details will be included further in the master business plan. Additionally, there will be an immediate need in the first two years for approximately $1.5 Billion US Dollars to acquire other prospects with high returns. The improvement and expansion costs of these sites will be covered by the first two prospects. The acquisition portfolio will include oil, gold and other minerals.
This Master Business Plan will cover the planned operations of all owned or supported entities by Joseph Allan Mueller and Lord Neil B. Gibson over a 5 year period. This includes “for profit” operations in petroleum ventures, hard rock mining, placer mining, mineral investments, waste water treatment, alternative energy, R&D, financial investments and philanthropy. In addition “nonprofit” endeavors will include supplying fresh water treatment systems for developing countries, Humanitarian relief and support for UN sanctioned projects, developump jackping food bank support services for religious organizations in the USA and other countries.
The JA Mueller Foundation and Seed foundation will cover all overhead for the charitable works, in which it is involved, to ensure that 100% of the funds donated by corporations and individuals go to the intended cause. In addition, these projects will create over 1,400 jobs in the first year and peak at over 7,500 by the end of the third year. Ninety percent of the jobs created will be professional positions with above average income. These projects and the associated jobs will not only be located in the USA but also in emerging markets in other countries.
The business developed will have a large portion of all the profits directed to a foundation that will support the nonprofit endeavors and create a base for other business to invest their profits into their fellow man. The circles my pier group operates in is one that makes hundreds of billions in profits per year. Many of the men and women who make the philanthropic decisions for these companies are more than willing to put their support behind such a foundation as long as it can prove its use of funds. A foundation that will allow 100% of their chartable efforts go towards the cause intended, instead of just a small percentage is something that has generated interest from several large petroleum companies we do business with. We are confident that others will find it worthwhile to invest in.
The Executive Summary will cover in broad strokes the projects along with a financial snap shot for each endeavor. In some endeavors I may bring in partners or do joint ventures (JV) either by design or as a bargaining means to get what I want from the project. I all cases I will hold the controlling interest and the management team will control the direction of the project(s). In each case 50% or more of the profits will go to the foundations and the remaining profit will be used to expand the business base to create more opportunity.
The corporation; O&G Production Management, Inc. is wholly owned by Joseph Allan Mueller and is acting as the initial representative corporation for the compliance on the Trade transactions they are entering into. As it is only one of many companies, I will be replaced with JA Mueller Mineral Investments, Inc. as the parent corporation covering all other corporations invested into. A full Business plan with financial projections will be available to partnering company's.
O&G Production Management, Inc. LNBG LLC.
8800 Broadway, Ste 200 San Antonio TX 78217

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Russia to turn US into Ash??


Dmitry Kiselyov
Dmitry Kiselyov. (YouTube)

"Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash," television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov said on his weekly current affairs show.
Behind him was a backdrop of a mushroom cloud following a nuclear blast.
Kiselyov was named by President Vladimir Putin in December as the head of a new state news agency whose task will be to portray Russia in the best possible light.
His remarks took a propaganda war over events in Ukraine to a new level as tensions rise in the East-West standoff over Crimea, a southern Ukrainian region which is now in Russian forces' hands and voted on Sunday on union with Russia.
Russian television showed images of ethnic Russians in Crimea dancing, singing and celebrating the referendum but followed them with accusations that Kiev's new authorities and the West have allowed ultra-nationalists to attack Russian-speakers in eastern Ukraine.
Kiev and the West blame the violence in eastern Ukraine on pro-Russian groups and say the Crimea referendum is illegitimate. The United States has warned of imminent sanctions against Moscow.
Kiselyov is an outspoken defender of Putin and once caused outrage by saying the organs of homosexuals should not be used in transplants.
His show portrayed the Ukrainian authorities as unable to maintain law and order. Putin made a similar charge in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday.
Such remarks have caused concern in Kiev that Moscow might send troops to eastern Ukraine, acting on a vote in Russian parliament allowing him to use the armed forces if compatriots are deemed in need of protection in Ukraine.
As the crisis escalated, the news in Russia has taken on shades of Soviet-era propaganda, with reporters peppering reports with references to what they say was the cooperation of some Ukrainians with the Nazis in World War Two.
There is also now growing menace in some of the reports, as well as echoes of the Cold War.
Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gifted Crimea to Ukraine in 1954, when Ukraine and Russia were both parts of the Soviet Union.
Many people in Crimea hope union with Russia will bring better living conditions and make them citizens of a country capable of asserting itself on the world stage.
Others see the referendum as a land grab by the Kremlin as Ukraine's new rulers try to move the country towards the European Union and away from Russia's sway.

Huang and Gibson in Belize

original article

Recently in the small Central American Country of Belize, one of the local elections has been getting some international attention. So we at the Belize News Network, BNN, have decided to take a look at this and see what is going on in the Jewel of the Caribbean.
Recently the United Democratic Party, currently the party in power in Belize and one of the 2 major parties, has held their convention to elect Standard Bearers for their party and to plan for the upcoming federal election in less than 4 years.
One of the constituencies is Cayo South which begins at Esperanza and runs east to St Matthews and north to Valley of Peace and south to Armenia. One of the largest constituencies in Belize.
3 candidates were running to see who would be the representative for the UDP in Cayo South. Among these candidates was Ralph Huang, a longtime resident of Georgeville which is in Cayo South. Reported as one of the largest turnouts ever for the convention, Huang proved victorious getting over 60 percent of the votes.
This seems to have stirred up some issues with some of the people in Belize. Accusations on social media have run amuck. One of the main issues that keeps popping up is Huangs association with a Lord Neil Gibson.
Huang admits to campaign contributions from Gibson in an interview with one of the Belizean media outlets.  Somehow this transparency is being taken as a bad thing in Belize. While it is not required by law for politicians to disclose campaign contribution, Huang has taken the high road and chose to keep everything out in the open with his constituents.
After careful scrutiny, BNN has determined that the majority of these accusations being made against Huang and Gibson are coming from PUP supporters and media. Channel 5 News is owned and loyal to the PUP, Peoples United Party, and most of the political news that comes from that station is one sided and skewed in favor of the PUP.
Another propaganda machine for the PUP is the so called BELIZE TIMES @ This so called media outlet masquerades as a genuine online newspaper but is obviously a propaganda machine. Propaganda was heavily used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during the Second World War and proved very effective in brain washing an entire country.
It has surface that one of the reasons for the unprecedented attack on Huang is that the PUP now feels threatened in that constituency. Huang has been touted as the one that can unseat the elected PUP rep, Julias Espat and that he is the one behind these attacks and is trying to discredit Huang before he has a chance to run in the federal election.
Some of the comments made on the articles by the so called media in Belize also give us a clue to the motivation behind these unfounded accusation.
The following was posted on the Love FM radio News Site regarding and article on Huang and Gibson which shows a level of misunderstanding and even go as far as being racist. Comments and opinion like this should be disregarded and do more harm to the beautiful people of Belize than they do good.

March 15, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Rass Farri, please do not be so naive for your sake, your children’s sake and your descendants sake. I agree with Kaila on so many levels. Yes, we need to redeem ourselves and fast. First off, “Lord” should not be on this man’s name, this was an addition made by him. The moment you open up your country to foreigners (Gibson and Huang) you are playing with disaster.
Belizeans are seeking someone to come in and do what Huang did. He was smart and started even before the campaign, showing Belizeans what he thought they wanted to see and hear.
Belizeans are dealing with two educated professional scammers and they need to step up and speak on it now before it is too late.
Before it is too late, well what do I mean about that? Belizeans are currently #1 citizens, meaning we come first. It is a mixed group of beautiful people, however, we all know that races such as Asian and Turkish individuals are there in Belize for a reason and that reason is not for politics. Let’s be honest, will he be of best interest to us when making decisions for Cayo? Not only is he associated with Gibson but he is associated UDP (Barrow). Think ahead, what would Gibson want with Belize? Investment for what?
The day GIBSON, his fake wife and Huang believe that they will “take over Belize” will be the day, they realize that Belize people are UNITED and will use any means necessary to prevent that.
Rass Farri, stay united with your fellow Belizeans. This is what Belizeans do. If our Government won’t protect us, then we need to play our part and listen to each other. We can’t be separated based on a few gifts we get from foreigners such as Gibson and Huang (Immigration scam..Look into it Rass Farri).
Nothing against you Rass Farri, but if Belizeans are noticing after the fact they made a mistake, listen and jump on board and protect OUR COUNTRY. NEVER go against your own to defend foreigners. Don’t be that naïve and do your research for yourself.
Gibson helped Huang and now he is claiming Belize on some fake looking, gut-wrenching videos, the fake website they are putting online to scam people pretending to be Belize Channel five news. That will give us a bad name to foreigners. Would you like to end up being hated by multiple countries…I tell you now, we don’t want war that this EVIL man is trying to bring on us, and we already have our own problems. Don’t you think Huang have a debt to Gibson now? His loyalty is to Gibson not us BELIZEANS
Additionally, did your know that they offered and paid each resident for their votes Rass F? Rass F I hope you weren’t apart of this because that was short term benefits, what about the long term..? He is building roads? Building roads for what? To go where? To transport what? They are laughing at us for being so naïve and we are just bending over mentally to get F*cked enah wi asshole. Be careful, slavery all over again for our descendants. This is how all foreigners approach a foreign land. They come with kindness, Ross F are you aware of our history of slavery, not just Belizeans but all people of color around the world.
Kaila, I will continue to protest about this online as much as I can, we need to inform Belizeans everywhere of what is going on. I hope you do the same. We will not sit and watch this happen. Rass F I hope you do your research, listen and stay united with your people. Do not get upset with me for what I am writing but Do your research and prove me wrong if you have slaved yourself to Huang and Gibson.

Our opinion at the BNN is that Huang was chosen by the people of Cayo South after a long hard campaign. The people have spoken and all the attention that Huang is getting only indicates to everyone that he is a threat to the PUP. Until there is hard evidence on any of the speculation and conjecture, Huang is simply the new Standard Bearer for the UDP of Cayo South. Now let’s see what he can do for his constituency.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Belize Politics Go International

Original Article
Rarely does political drama play out on an international stage, and it is usually relegated to
small, local elections that only the residents of some small town or city would be interested in.
Recently Las Vegas and one of it's residents has been thrust into the international spotlight
through the internet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. Lord Neil
B Gibson, the Las Vegas based businessman, developer and international finance figure has
rocketed into the fiery discussions that are taking place in the country of Belize, specifically
regarding an election for the position of Standard Bearer in the Cayo South Constituency Area.
Social media, news outlets and radio have been awash with discussion regarding the election of
businessman Ralph Huang to this position, and conspiracy theories abound as to the
connection he has to Lord Neil B Gibson. Accusations of corruption have already been made
only days after the election from the opposing party, and a large-scale smear campaign has
begun to play out on the global stage with regards to Mr. Huang, Mr. Gibson and the future of
Belizian governmental positions.
Interesting spins on the situation are being presented through such media outlets as Channel 5
Belize, 7 News Belize and the associated Youtube Channels of each station. Many local blogs
have also taken to the internet in an attempt to drum up the suspects of corruption with regards
to the relationships that Lord Neil B Gibson has with both Huang and other Belizian
governmental officials. The majority of the coverage centers around the fact that Mr. Huang has
admitted that Gibson both contributed to his campaign and also supported his election. The
coverage being presented is amaturish at best in it's attempts to stir up controversy, as the
press releases, posts and announcements that can be found both on the official business
websites of Neil Gibson as well as his business websites and social media have never
attempted to make even the slightest hiding of his contributions and support. Gibson went as far
as to create professional videos distributed on Youtube endorsing Huang and touching on the
reasons he believes Huang was right for the job. Gibson has also shown a long track record of
complete transparency with regard to his interest in Belizian development projects, going as far
as to publicly promote the ongoing developments attached to each potential project in Belize on
his network or websites and press.
The levels of transparency with regard to Lord Neil B Gibson's interests in Belize are far beyond
those typically put forth by any business entity. A quick perusal of the news sections of his
websites show postings regarding Belizian development interests, with postings on the subject
going back to October of 2013. Additionally, completely transparent postings on the subject of
endorsements and campaign contributions go back to early January as seen here: http://
All of the websites and Youtube videos across Gibson's network openly discuss the subject of
his endorsement of Huang, and never is their relationship attempted to be covered up in any
regard. So the question of corruption should be addressed, except possibly it should be directed
at other entities aside from Lord Neil Gibson and Ralph Huang. Possibly we should be looking
into why media outlets and bloggers in Belize are so aggressively attempting to make the
relationship between two businessmen into an issue, when the entire situation played out on the
world stage through the internet in a completely documented manner. If there were any issue
that should be covered up involving Lord Neil Gibson and Belizian governmental officials, then
why would they be posing for pictures together that are widely distributed on the internet? If
there were cover-ups happening, then why is the credited sources of all of the photographs that
are being distributed in association to the "scandal" stories of Gibson posing with Belizian
politicians being taken directly from Gibson's websites? If there was a cover-up happening,
wouldn't the transparency of the relationships actually be covered up by the parties involved?
Corruption happens in government all the time, and Belize is no stranger to it. Corruption is bad
for all people who are touched by it, and should be exposed at all costs. However, the definition
of corruption is not about a business man contributing to another business man's campaign to
run for office, and the fact that one business man lives in Las Vegas and the other in Belize is
also not part of the definition. Corruption is about a lack of transparency as to the source of
money or influence with regards to projects. Perhaps we should consider the sources of the
smear campaign against Gibson, and how they are attempting to twist facts to create doubts at
to his motivations. Perhaps it is not Gibson and Huang who should be mentioned with regard to
transparency as far as political funding sources....perhaps they should be used as a model for
the necessary change.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sunday, 16 February 2014


News Business & Finance Industry
Lord Neil Gibson Battles Anonymous Internet Troll

February 14, 2014
The internet and Google have long been a source for potential exploitation of search engine algorithms in order to slander individuals, playing on the fact that Google is not an actual news source but instead is simply a list of categorized information about a topic. Because it has grown to become essentially a source for people to find out information on any topic, and is viewed by most people as the starting point for research, those who wish to misinform others about certain subjects know all too well that creating a search engine friendly internet space loaded with false information about a subject is an easy method to sway public opinion. Because the standard setup of Google listings involves a title and a short snippit from the article itself, many people feel no need to actually move past the listings themselves, and feel they can get all the information they need straight from the search page. If you were to Google someone's name as a source of research on them as a person, it is quite simple for someone with bad intentions to sway public opinion by simply creating many, many internet posts that state patently false information about the person. What is especially interesting about this phenomenon is that there is absolutely no rules regarding truthfulness in the posted pieces, as they are not necessarily posted within legitimate news spaces, or anywhere that is regulated in any way. To make matters worse, those adopting this type of attack against others have the ability to hide behind the "free speech" argument which protects them from prosecution as the slanderous information can be called "opinion." Lord Neil Gibson of Las Vegas knows this all too well, and continues to deal with an unfortunate situation that has caused damage through false information to his name that has been ongoing for years.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a Las Vegas based business man who operates several diversified entities involved in a wide range of capacities involving international investment, development, green energy and healthcare projects. In many cases the deals that are struck between his companies and outside parties are done on trust, reputation and limited access to research into past projects. Many business people who were and are involved with Neil Gibson will use Google to look into his background, past business dealings and reputation in order to make their decisions to move forward. He was easily damaged by a person who understood how to manipulate internet posts and search engines, one who wanted false information to be spread about him, and one who wanted to harm future business deals that Gibson was structuring through negative perception of him as a person.

Lord Neil Gibson followed the standard protocols that most business people would immediately gravitate to in order to reclaim his reputation from those attempting to slander him, and he filed lawsuits and motions that would force the attacker to remove the posts that were created under his name. Although the obvious outcome of the removal of untrue information within spaces that the attacker admittedly controlled was finalized through legal action, the problem remains to this day that the attacker controls spaces that are not under his name, or are controlled by him from afar. The reputation slander continued after the judgement against the attacker was enforced, and Mr. Gibson found the posts spreading negative and false information about him coming from anonymous sources that could not be tied directly to the attacker. This unfortunate situation shows the weaknesses of Google as an information source, and also illustrates how dangerous it is to not fully investigate the source of "news" that is found online.

Lord Neil Gibson continues to take steps to counter the false information that is on the internet and which is specifically set up to show up in Google searches for his name, and continues to be forced to counteract the spread of misinformation regarding him as a person. The anonymous attacker remains at large.

Verified information about . and his companies can be found at

Tammy Lier Gibson with Evander Holyfield and Peter Lik

Friday, 31 January 2014




The race for Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party is soon to enter the home stretch leg with the finish line set for February 17th.  Two of the ruling UDP Ministers have entered their names contesting the seat of Deputy Party Leader, the second most powerful seat within the party’s hierarchy.  It is widely known that the one that holds the DPL’s seat is the chosen one to also be the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Belize.  Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Party Leader of the UDP Gaspar Vega has been challenged by Minister of Education Patrick Faber.

Both men have been canvasing the 31 constituencies and visiting with the delegates in efforts to garner support for their candidacy. Faber has publicly gone on record stating that he believes he can do a much better job at the post of Deputy Party Leader than the current holder.  Well, in what has been dubbed as the game changer, Prime Minister of Belize and Leader of the UDP went on record stating that he does not support Minister of Education Patrick Faber.  Barrow said and we quote, “I have said that while Minister Faber is, I think, an extremely well-qualified and able minister, while I think that he has a glorious leadership future in the United Democratic Party, at this time, and for this contest, I do not support him, end of story.” And that’s also the end of the quote.

Barrow went on to say that one of the major reasons for Faber not being his choice at this moment is because of Faber’s skin color and geographic location within Belize.  Barrow says that the hierarchy of the Party must be equally distributed to the districts along with a diverse composition of ethnicities.  Well, our editor here at CTV-3 news takes that to mean that the UDP Leader and Prime Minister of this country has decided to endorse looks over brains.  If the reasons for his decision are solely based on ethnicity and geographic location, Belize is in for some darker days ahead.  Leadership should not be about how one looks or where they are from, but rather, how they lead.  But that’s for another story on another day.

While Faber does not count on the support of UDP Leader Dean Barrow, he does count on the support of several big wig names within the party.  Former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, Dean Lindo and Mesopotamia Representative and Senior member of the party Michael Finnegan,  have all come out in full support of Patrick Faber’s bid for Deputy Party Leader.  Dean Barrow’s support for Vega struck through the political circuits of the UDP as hard hitting as a chess player saying Check.  It will be interesting to see if this move was not one of the flexing of the political muscle by Barrow who is sending a message to the rank and file of the Party; what that message is, we are sure to find out in the days ahead.
Also in the race for Cayo south which is predicted to be a good one, is Ralph Huang which will be determined on February 16th of 2014 at Roaring Creek.


Friday, 3 January 2014

Lord Gibson and Associates back Ralph Huang for the UDP and Belize Elections

The Following endorsement has been released by Lord Neil B Gibson and Associates.

January 3, 2014
To Whom This May Concern
Re: Mr. Ralph Huang for Stander Bearer Political Endorsement

Our business organizations would honorably like to declare our political and financial support of Mr. Ralph Huang’s candidacy for the position of Stander Bearer in Cayo South Constituency Area representative Slated Convention United Democratic Party in Belize.

 In these last five years, our organizations have worked closely with Ralph Huang in business and financial ventures. We have found Ralph to be an extremely strong professional with an extensive range of understanding of Belize, on economic impact values. 

Ralph Huang is trustworthy, honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this governmental position. Our organizations are confident that Ralph is the only deserving candidate for this office.

 Furthermore, our organizations have had ample opportunities in the last 5-years to analyze our future economic benefits and objectives of the various economic executions into the country of Belize. We have found Ralph's honest insight and practical approach for future country growth, with our country’s desire to invest into Belize. 

This distinction sets him apart from the other individual’s that we have dealt with in the past, to ensure our organizations future commitment to execute our organizations’ to invest into the country of Belize. Ralph Huang has shown great concern for the residents of the community and the willingness to listen to people's problems and challenges which is commendable.

 Again, we are writing today to show our allegiance and support of Ralph Huang and his campaign. It will also be an honor to spread the word of Ralph’s candidacy, abilities and competence with other global business networks to support Ralph.

We are confident that Ralph Huang will succeed and bring the Country of Belize the global
economic growth the country needs to strive forward.