Monday, 7 April 2014

LNBG LLC AND O&G Joint Venture

O&G Production Management, Inc.
                                                                   LNBG LLC
                                               Joint Venture & Executive Summary

LNBG LLC & O&G Production Management, have created a solid financial base to operate a mineral based business relationship. The model and an affiliated foundation will have a worldwide impact. The business model is based on acquisition and expansion of oil and other mineral based prospects with existing production. Multiple prospects with excellent returns have been selected. The acquisition sequence has been prioritized in accordance with the expected ROI for each site. The due diligence has already been completed for the first two prospects, and the acquisition cost has been pre-negotiated. In addition, the engineers outlined a desired improvement and expansion plan to ensure maximum profitability and return on investment. The total cost of acquisition and expansion for the first two prospects is $147 Million. The details will be included further in the master business plan. Additionally, there will be an immediate need in the first two years for approximately $1.5 Billion US Dollars to acquire other prospects with high returns. The improvement and expansion costs of these sites will be covered by the first two prospects. The acquisition portfolio will include oil, gold and other minerals.
This Master Business Plan will cover the planned operations of all owned or supported entities by Joseph Allan Mueller and Lord Neil B. Gibson over a 5 year period. This includes “for profit” operations in petroleum ventures, hard rock mining, placer mining, mineral investments, waste water treatment, alternative energy, R&D, financial investments and philanthropy. In addition “nonprofit” endeavors will include supplying fresh water treatment systems for developing countries, Humanitarian relief and support for UN sanctioned projects, developump jackping food bank support services for religious organizations in the USA and other countries.
The JA Mueller Foundation and Seed foundation will cover all overhead for the charitable works, in which it is involved, to ensure that 100% of the funds donated by corporations and individuals go to the intended cause. In addition, these projects will create over 1,400 jobs in the first year and peak at over 7,500 by the end of the third year. Ninety percent of the jobs created will be professional positions with above average income. These projects and the associated jobs will not only be located in the USA but also in emerging markets in other countries.
The business developed will have a large portion of all the profits directed to a foundation that will support the nonprofit endeavors and create a base for other business to invest their profits into their fellow man. The circles my pier group operates in is one that makes hundreds of billions in profits per year. Many of the men and women who make the philanthropic decisions for these companies are more than willing to put their support behind such a foundation as long as it can prove its use of funds. A foundation that will allow 100% of their chartable efforts go towards the cause intended, instead of just a small percentage is something that has generated interest from several large petroleum companies we do business with. We are confident that others will find it worthwhile to invest in.
The Executive Summary will cover in broad strokes the projects along with a financial snap shot for each endeavor. In some endeavors I may bring in partners or do joint ventures (JV) either by design or as a bargaining means to get what I want from the project. I all cases I will hold the controlling interest and the management team will control the direction of the project(s). In each case 50% or more of the profits will go to the foundations and the remaining profit will be used to expand the business base to create more opportunity.
The corporation; O&G Production Management, Inc. is wholly owned by Joseph Allan Mueller and is acting as the initial representative corporation for the compliance on the Trade transactions they are entering into. As it is only one of many companies, I will be replaced with JA Mueller Mineral Investments, Inc. as the parent corporation covering all other corporations invested into. A full Business plan with financial projections will be available to partnering company's.
O&G Production Management, Inc. LNBG LLC.
8800 Broadway, Ste 200 San Antonio TX 78217

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