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Lord Neil Gibson Battles Anonymous Internet Troll

February 14, 2014
The internet and Google have long been a source for potential exploitation of search engine algorithms in order to slander individuals, playing on the fact that Google is not an actual news source but instead is simply a list of categorized information about a topic. Because it has grown to become essentially a source for people to find out information on any topic, and is viewed by most people as the starting point for research, those who wish to misinform others about certain subjects know all too well that creating a search engine friendly internet space loaded with false information about a subject is an easy method to sway public opinion. Because the standard setup of Google listings involves a title and a short snippit from the article itself, many people feel no need to actually move past the listings themselves, and feel they can get all the information they need straight from the search page. If you were to Google someone's name as a source of research on them as a person, it is quite simple for someone with bad intentions to sway public opinion by simply creating many, many internet posts that state patently false information about the person. What is especially interesting about this phenomenon is that there is absolutely no rules regarding truthfulness in the posted pieces, as they are not necessarily posted within legitimate news spaces, or anywhere that is regulated in any way. To make matters worse, those adopting this type of attack against others have the ability to hide behind the "free speech" argument which protects them from prosecution as the slanderous information can be called "opinion." Lord Neil Gibson of Las Vegas knows this all too well, and continues to deal with an unfortunate situation that has caused damage through false information to his name that has been ongoing for years.

Lord Neil Benjamin Gibson is a Las Vegas based business man who operates several diversified entities involved in a wide range of capacities involving international investment, development, green energy and healthcare projects. In many cases the deals that are struck between his companies and outside parties are done on trust, reputation and limited access to research into past projects. Many business people who were and are involved with Neil Gibson will use Google to look into his background, past business dealings and reputation in order to make their decisions to move forward. He was easily damaged by a person who understood how to manipulate internet posts and search engines, one who wanted false information to be spread about him, and one who wanted to harm future business deals that Gibson was structuring through negative perception of him as a person.

Lord Neil Gibson followed the standard protocols that most business people would immediately gravitate to in order to reclaim his reputation from those attempting to slander him, and he filed lawsuits and motions that would force the attacker to remove the posts that were created under his name. Although the obvious outcome of the removal of untrue information within spaces that the attacker admittedly controlled was finalized through legal action, the problem remains to this day that the attacker controls spaces that are not under his name, or are controlled by him from afar. The reputation slander continued after the judgement against the attacker was enforced, and Mr. Gibson found the posts spreading negative and false information about him coming from anonymous sources that could not be tied directly to the attacker. This unfortunate situation shows the weaknesses of Google as an information source, and also illustrates how dangerous it is to not fully investigate the source of "news" that is found online.

Lord Neil Gibson continues to take steps to counter the false information that is on the internet and which is specifically set up to show up in Google searches for his name, and continues to be forced to counteract the spread of misinformation regarding him as a person. The anonymous attacker remains at large.

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