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Lord Neil B Gibson Partners with C Trade

C. Trade Group of Companies
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Date: March 06, 2013

Re: C. Trade Group of Companies Joint Projects with Handels Securities, Ltd and .Lord Neil B. Gibson
To whom it may concern:

As we approach the close of the first quarter of 2013, we would like to summarize the projects which our companies are working with

our Partner Lord Neil B. Gibson. Lord Gibson is a 30% participating partner in our joint operations, and Nick Kontonicolas is a Key

Director and partner in Handels Securities, Limited. As such, the summary of our joint projects are listed below:

1) Coates International , Ltd. (Stock Symbol COTE)

CTG is arranging for a $30,000,000 letter of credit which will guaranty for the construction of spherical valve engine head technology which will allow the use of natural gas to power the generators and creat low cost electricity on site, which will be sold to the electrical grid. This prokect is timely because of the low price of natural gas, we can invigorate existing gas fields and create profits. Presently projects which were started when gas prices were high, no longer make economic sense. With our generators, these properties are now able to be profitable. These generators are different and more effective because they do not use traditional valves which cannot be used with natural gas (no lubrication). Our patented technology uses spherical heads with only 2 moving parts as opposed to over 350 moving parts of the traditional engine heads. We have existing generators working and they are ready fro deployment in the field immediately. Nick Kontonicolas is Chief Operating Officer of this company.

2) GeoPetro Resources Company / MCW Energy Group Joint Venture

NY Stock Exchange Company (Stock Symbol GPR)with properties in California, Canada and Houston, TX. We will be

deploying the Coates Generators in the Houston Texas property within April 2013. Oil and Gas operations will be handled by our Venture oil & Gas Company- Bayside Petroleum where Nick Kontonicolas is a Director.

3) Aadri Entertainment & Media Works Pvt., Ltd. India Company based in City of Hyderabad. Investment via SBLC valued at $5,000,000.00 Media Company with 26 satellite channels serving Indian based media and entertainment from great Britain to India and extending to Australia. This company also owns FM radio channels which will cater to the new automobile owners in India which are increasing exponentially every year. This company is headed by Mr. Sobhanadri Jonnalagadda.

4) Novo Agritech, Ltd.

Hyderabad India based Pharmaceutical and Food-Medicine extraction company.

Financed by a $4,1000,000 SBLC. This company will be involved in the extraction of the algae based products of C.Trade- BARD, Inc. The extraction of astrazantin algae products are valued at $10,000,000 per kilo.

This company is headed by Mr. Sobhanadri Jonnalagadda.

5) Bayside Petroleum Company, Inc. / Venture Oil & Gas, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BYSD)

CTG is Issuing a $3,000,000 SBLC to fund further oil exploration and rejuvenation of closed older wells in Texas. This company is also the gas and oil operator of C. Trade Group ‘s existing and future oil well / gas oil exploration and drilling operations. Nick Kontonicolas is a Director of Venture Oil .

6) C.Trade-BARD, Inc. Based in the KIPC Facility of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania and 2 facilities in Norcross and Augusta Georgia,and future biodiesel plant in Guayaquil Ecuador to be valued at $100,000,000.

This company specializes in the development of BioFuel, BioDiesel, Astazantin medical products, algae based energy soft drinks, natural bacteria based fertilizers, research and development of algae based products. Nick Kontonicolas is Co-CEO and owner.

7) C. Trade Olympic Capital Partners, LLC.

A Manhattan based real estate investment and development firm specializing in hotel and commercial properties. Two of the most experienced real estate developers from New York City are partners with Nick Kontonicolas. We will issue $700,000 SBLC to this entity for insuring of investments in the NY City area.

8) Green Mountain Development Corp. (Stock Symbol: GMND).

Nick Kontonicolas is Director of this biotechnology and inventor of the Bi-Agra natural bacteria based fertilizer products. We will provide a $1,000,000 SBLC for further development of products and services.

9) Pigrim Group http://www.pilgrimgroup.comReal Estate finance and consulting firm based in New York City and Berlin Germany. Mr. Stephen Chalk and Adam Chalk have partnered with Mr. Kontonicolas to develop investment portfolios of real estate and hotel properties around the US (Manhattan, Chicago, Nevis Island, Berlin, London, Cologne Germany, Florida). We will provide a $1,120,000 SBLC for the further expansion of this company.

10) Emax Group – Mindpix (Stock Symbol: MPIX)

Music firm with $900,000,000 music library. Nick Kontonicolas is a partner and advisor to the president of the companies, Mrs. Roxanna Weber. Company requires a $30,00,000 SBLC to further enhance their extensive music and video library. We have amassed a sizable list of companies and projects which we will joint venture via our participation in Handels Securities, Ltd. and Lord Neil B. Gibson. Please feel free to contact me at +1(1917)297-5571 for any further information or updates.
With Best Regards,
Nick Kontonicolas, President / CEO

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