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News» 2014 World Indoor Soccer Championship

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With 2013 quickly drawing to a close, all eyes are beginning to look to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil as the next major sporting event that will be truly global in nature.  With nearly one in every four people on earth expected to watch the World Cup, LNBG LLC and Lord Neil Gibson have announced preliminary plans to host a five day indoor soccer tournament called the World Indoor Football Championship in Las Vegas to act as a preliminary event early in the year.  While the specifics of the event are still being developed, expected interest from sponsors, advertisers and investment houses is expected to be quite high.  As many as sixteen countries are expected to participate in the event, garnishing global attention and media.
While coordination of an effort of this magnitude has caused problems in execution for teams in the past, LNBG LLC plan to draw on their long history of creative strategic partnering and their diverse development team to unify the elements necessary to carry out the daunting task of planning, execution and media coverage.  With a worldwide audience comes strategic hurdles as far as distribution, and options are being considered by LNBG LLC that include traditional television and internet exposure.

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